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Hard Coat Anodizing Services / Process

We are Services Provider of Hard Coat Anodizing, Aluminum Hard Coating from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Hard Anodising
Hard Anodising
Hard Anodising
Hard Anodising
Piston Ring and Piston Pin
Hard Anodising
investment casting meter parts with powder coating and painting
investment casting parts retainers made of stainless steel
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CHETANA is a job shop where we do Hard Anodizing as per customer's requirement. We are and ISO 9001 - 2000 company.

Hard Anodizing is an electrolysis process in which the coating is deposited by Alloys of aluminium a layer of aluminium oxide are produced. Hard Anodizing produces thicker and harder coatings from 25 microns to 100 microns. Hard Anodizing is used for technical purposes corrosion and wear resistance.

In many of the application, we can use Hard Anodizing instead of Hard Chromium plating because it is generally cheaper to apply and presents fewer adhesion problems and will give better oil-retention properties than many types of chromium deposition.
Environment : - Hard Anodizing is an environment friendly process, relatively safe. No extra ordinary precautions are needed to ensure worker safety and environmental hazards.

Colour : - Hard Anodizing is typically oxidation of aluminium and its alloys. Controlled oxidation of these alloys determine the colour of the Component.
It offers the following advantages:
  • Totally uniform thickness on the entire part
  • Coating thickness that can be controlled in micron tolerances.
  • Non-poisonous and colorless in nature,eco- friendly process.
  • Low working cost.
  • Stability.
Hard anodizing has unique combination of engineering properties and is widely used for :
  • High surface hardness, 350 VHN to 850 VHN
  • Very good adhesion to base material.
  • High corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Heat dissipation.
  • Can achieve salt spray resistance in excess of 1000 hours.
  • Close dimensional control after coating.
  • Decorative appearance.
  • Low specific gravity
  • High mechanical strength.

Some Application of Hard Anodizing :
Manufacture :
Valve body, cylinder housing, bearing, motor housing, transformer, motor body, shaft drive wheel, cog wheel, cylinder, piston, gear buffer, cover, hydraulic cylinders, aluminium pipes, spring cover, surgical splints, fan and nozzles, timing and mechanical computer gears, insulation plates and transmission parts.

Vehicle :
Break pistons, Valve body, fork tube rotor belt wheel, master cylinder, range cylinder, anti-lock, break assemblies, and rims.

Pumps :
Oil and fuel pumps, housings, impellers, diffuser, fittings, lid, bushing, pistons, membrane lid, shaft, slide valve.

Packing :
Gauges, cylinder, roll, forming pad, pallet, link, flap.

Plastic :
Weld pad, forming tools, cores, feeding screw, press pad.

Food Stuffs :
Frying pan, knife, baking plate, funnel, scraper, tube.

Aircraft :
Shield, driving housing, cog wheel